Ice Race Vintage 200K


The race is a celebration to the 1963 edition of the dutch 200km “Elfstedentocht” (eleven cities tour). We race in similair racing clothes to 1963 and newer racing clapskates aren’t allowed.

The start will take place at Rävgången, Örebro, on a Saturday when the ice is in acceptable conditions. However we will take the decision no later than 3 days before the race.


The Race will take place at Rävgången, Örebro when iceconditions are acceptable. We will make the decision to organize IRV200k no later than 3 days before the race and announce it here on this website, by email to those registred on our maillist (join by sending an email to, and on

The start is as early as 05:00 and the skaters will start by running 200m with skates in their hands before they enter the ice. What follows is 17 laps on a 11,5k course, out and back between Rävgången and Lindholmen, might change with ice conditions.
Simple food, hot and cold drinks will be available at Rävgången when the skaters pass by. Skaters must at all times bring their Card on which they recieve a stamp each time they pass by Rävgången.

Equipment: All skates are allowed except racing clapskates.

Clothes: the outerlayer on your upperbody must be knitted (knotwear) in traditional colours (not neon). Tights/pants can be in material of choice but must be in a neutral color (i e black/grey/blue/white). However “modern” speedskating racing skins are not allowed. Skaters must wear mittens.
Ice dubbs and headlamp are strongly recommended.

After 15:59 (10hrs 59 minutes which was the winning time 1963) skaters are not allowed to start a new lap but remaining skaters on the course will be allowed to finish.

Registration fee is 400SEK until 48hrs before race start. After that the registration fee is 500SEK.
Once we have recieved your registration we will send info regarding payment.
If the race will be cancelled for some reason we will refund 75% or you can save your starting spot for the coming years.

IRV200k Team Relay
Since 2017 you can take on this crazy and fun event together with your friends. You can split the racedistance (200km) between 2-17 persons. It’s totally up to you and the team!
Rules regarding vintage clothes etc are the same as in the individual race.
Stating fee is 200kr/person.


When you sign up for the race you accept the following terms and conditions
– Registration is binding.
– Pay the invoice for your registration that will be send to your mail address.
– Follow the rules in the race.
– When you sign up to the race you accept that we can publish your name, start number, age, pictures form the race and finishing time on internet and other media.
– That you are racing on your own risk.

If you have any questions don’t hasitate to contact us on

Kind regards,
Random Events Sweden AB and SK Winner




1 – Fredrik Holmgren 7hrs 40 min 129,5km
2 – Karl-Göran Wahlström 7h 25min 117,75km 
3 – Fredrik Nylén 6h 6min 106km
3 – Nils van der Poel 6h 6min 106km
5 – Thomas Jansson 41min 12km


1 – Fredrik Nylen 8hrs 23 min 200km
2 – Thomas Jansson 8hrs 23min 153km
3 – Göran Bergman 6hrs 38min 70,75km
4 – K-G Wahlström 3hrs 46min 59km
5 – Fredrik Holmgren 2hrs 39min 47,25km
6 – Thomas Röjler 6hrs 6min 23,75km

1 – Random Events 8hrs 9 min 164,75km


1 – Fredrik Nylen 8hrs 24 min 200km
2 – Bella Lagrange 10hrs 30 min 200km
2 – Thomas Jansson 10hrs 30 min 200km
4 – K-G Wahlström  9h 8min 129,5km
5 – Ola Röjler 2h 27min 47,25km
6 – Peter Knoblach 3h 41min 47,25km
7 – Stine Lise Wannebo 1h 4min 12km
8 – Thomas Röjler 1h 4min 12km