Bergslagen 100 Miles


We are happy to present our new race Bergslagen 100 Miles. The race will start at 12:00 on July 24th 2020 in the village of Nyberget in the heart of Bergslagen (25 km northwest from Lindesberg in Örebro län). The course will follow the beautiful Bergslagsleden on a mostly single track trail.

We will have 13 service stations with water, drinks and energy. At two of these we will serve hot food and offer the opportunity for a nap. There will be cut-off times at some service stations to make sure runners can finish safely in Nyberget before the sun sets on Saturday (total time around 32 hours).


We have not decided when the second edition of Bergslagen 100 Miles will be held. When we have a date we will present it here on our website and in our social media channels.  

Please read all the race information before you sign up.

Registration fee

We are open to have 30 competitors and the fee for each spot is 1195 SEK until July 10th.
From July 11th and until the registration is closed on July 17th, the fee for each spot is 1495 SEK.

When you are registered you will receive an email including invoice and details for payment. You have 10 days to pay the invoice and this confirming your registration.

When you pay the registration fee:

  • You agree that your name, starting nr, age, photos from the race, starting and finishing time may be published on the internet and other media.
  • You participate in this event at your own risk.

If you wish to cancel your participation in ”Bergslagen 100 Miles” money can be returned according to our refund policy:

  1. When cancelling before July 10th 2020 we can return 75% of the total fee.
  2. Cancelling between July 11th and 17th of June 25% can be returned, however if your spot is taken by an individual from the waitinglist or a newly signed up individual 75% will be returned.
  3. From July 18th you get 75% back if your spot is taken by an individual from the waitinglist. If not, the registration fee can’t be returned.

If we need to cancel the race due to covid-19 restrictions, you will get 100% payback on your registration fee. 

We recommend that you get in contact with your insurance company to make sure you are fully covered in case of emergency during the race, or if you have to cancel your participation due to health concerns and/or injury.

Included in the registartion fee

  • Race bib
  • Race map
  • Food and drinks at energy station (according to the list)
  • Post-race meal
  • Finisher medal
  • Camping place at Nyberget

Race Rules

  • The orange markings of Bergslagsleden should be followed at all times.
  • No littering or leaving any garage on the trail. Garbage bags will be available at all service stations. Equipment or clothes can also be left in your drop bags at service stations.
  • All participants are required to stop and help fellow runners who might have injured themselves or appears to be sick. Please contact the Race organization as soon as possible in case of emergency.

Preliminary Schedule
July 17th
Race PM will be sent out to all racers

July 24th
9:00 -11:00 Registration in Nyberget
11:40 Short Pre-race info
12:00 Race starts in Nyberget, heading south
16:45 First runner back in Nyberget, heading north
21:30 Cut off Nyberget 46km
23:00 First runner at Kloten, turnaround

25th July
05:30 Cut off Gillersklack 85km
05:45 First runner Finish in Nyberget
09:15 Last Runner Kloten 105km
13:15 Cut off Gillersklack 124km
16:30 Cut off Stjärnfors 141km
20:45 Last runner finish Nyberget

The race course

Length – 100 Miles + (according to map measurments 163km)
Elevation – close to 3000 metres
Service stations – 13
Longest distance between service station – 17 000 meters (Stjärnfors – Gillersklack and Gillersklack – Stjärnfors)
Cut offs – 4

Race map and profile
You can download three GPX files through the link below. One for the whole course, one for the first 46km and one for the last 117km. This is since we have had problems to load the whole course on some GPS-watches. Please try it out and let us know if you have some problems.  present

Service station
Garphyttan – 14km
Uskavi – 23km
Garphyttan – 32km
Nyberget – 46km
Mackarsberg – 56km
Stjärnfors – 68km
Gillersklack – 85km
Åbostugan – 98km
Kloten – 105km
Åbostugan – 112km
Gillersklack – 124km
Stjärnfors – 141km
Mackarsberg – 153km

Mandatory equipment to carry at all times during the race

  • 1 smartphone and powerbank (for tracking and emergencies)
  • 1 headlamp with extra batteries (extra lamp and batteries are recommended to be placed in drop bag, At sunrise on Saturday you can leave your lamp and battery at a service station in your drop bag)
  • 1 litre of liquid (at least 1 litre when leaving every service station)
  • 1 first aid kit including a compression bandage
  • 1 wind and water resistant jacket
  • 1 map (provided by race organisation)
  • 1 race bib placed in front at all time
    All of this is for your own safety during the race.

A post-finish meal is included in the race fee. If you finished early and want to stay longer and have dinner at 18:00 on Saturday and/or breakfast the following day, this will be available for an additional fee and provided by Nyberget Vandrarhem. Please fill in if this is something you would like in the registration form below.

All service stations will have the following items available: water, lemonade, bananas, cola, peanuts and salt. At some service stations, we will have coffee as well. This list will be updated closer to the event. If you have any suggestion of what should be at the service station, please contact us and we will see what we can accommodate.
In addition, warm soup will be available at Nyberget (46km) and Gillersklack (85 and 124km).

Location of rest and sleep during race
There will be a location to rest and sleep under a tent roof at Gillersklack (85 and 124km). Put a sleeping mat and sleeping bag in your drop bag for this service station for better comfort.

Drop bags
You can have up to five different drop bags spread out on the course. We will transport drop bags to all service stations except Åbostugan (98 and 112km). All drop bags have to be clearly marked as adviced before the race. We kindly ask you to keep the volume as low as possible. For sleeping bags and -mats to Gillersklack we will of course allow a somewhat larger bag.

The five different drop bags will go to the following service stations:

  1. Garphyttan 14 and 32km, Kloten 105km
  2. Uskavi 23km, Stjärnfors 68 and 141km
  3. Nyberget 46km
  4. Mackarsberg 56 and 153km
  5. Gillersklack 85 and 124km



  • Pacer will be allowed from Stjärnfors 68km until finish in Nyberget
  • Pacers are not allowed to carry anything or give water or food to the racer
  • Pacers can help racers at service stations
  • It is ok to have different pacers but only one at a time. The active pacer must wear a
    pacer bib (provided by race organisation)
  • Pacers always follow the racer and must enter and exit the service stations together
    with the racer
  • Racer and/or pacer must notify service station crew when pacing starts or stops.
  • It is only allowed to start and stop pacing at service stations
  • Active pacers will receive the same service at stations as racers. However, racers are
    always our top priority
  • Drop bag for pacers will only be transported by us to the Gillersklack (85km and
    125km) station
  • Pacers are responsible for their own transportation to/from the course during the race
  • All Pacers will be registered by name and phone number by the racer
  • Fee for pacer bib is 500 SEK. You buy one bib that can be used for all your pacers


Nyberget is located 25km northwest from Lindesberg in Örebro län. It is easy to get to by car, although it will include some gravel road driving. By train we recommend going to Storå Station and either hitch a ride with fellow competitors or contact us in the organisation for pickup (for a small fee). Transportation back to Storå Station will be available on Sunday morning at 10 (for a small fee). If you have other needs please contact us.
If you have to abandon the race we will transport you back to Nyberget.

Nyberget race site
We have a toilet, shower and power to charge phones etc. at the Nyberget race site. You will be able to set up a tent at Nyberget to sleep and store your belongings. This is included in the fee for participants. Family and/or friends that want to support you and stay the night in Nyberget will have to register with us a couple of weeks before the race.  In regard to the Covid-19 advice from the Swedish authorities, we reserve the right to limit the number of people at the campsite in Nyberget. There are other possibilities around the course for camping, which we would be happy to guide you to if required.

Covid-19 safety
We have taken several measures to make sure this is a safe event regarding the potential spred of the corona virus. The most important however is that all racers toeing tha startline are healthy and do not show any symptoms of being infected.
We also advice everyone racing, supporting or crewing to keep the social distancing, wash your hands as often as possible and avoid all unnecessary contact. At the servicestations we will have a system in place to make sure racers are not using their own hands to pick energy and or fluids but instead our crew will hand out the necessary items.

 All of this is for your own safety during the race.


It’s great if you have family and friends who wants to follow you during the race. However, they are not allowed to give you food, drinks and other help outside of the service stations. 

They can also follow your split times live here on the website and we hope to be able to post some livestreams on social media during the race.

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Instagram – @randomeventssweden

Contact us

If you have any questions, please send an email to

Sign up – it’s going to be a great adventure!