Rusakulan Vertikal Tour consists of three hillraces with start in Klockhammar and finish at the scenic viewpoint Rusakulan. Overall winners will be rewarded after the 3rd race.

Bergslagen 100 miles starts in the village of Nyberget in the heart of Bergslagen. The race will start at 12:00 on July 24th 2020 and the course will follow the beautiful Bergslagsleden on a mostly single track trail.

Jolleldon Tennis started in 2007 on Jollestigen 12, Öland. It is a tennis tournament in vinatage style with wooden rackets and white clothing. The court is smaller then the normal tennis court. There is two tournaments per year on two different surface, Öland on lawn and Örebro on hard court.

HjälmarTempot is a cycling challenge around swedens fourth largest lake. The race is 138km. It is an individual challenge and the goal is to reach the finish in shortest possible time with respect to your own fitness and ambition.

Bergslagsleden in 5 days is an all inclusive running-race along the 280km long Bergslagsleden-trail. This is a true test of character for all participants and a challenge you will never forget.  

Ice Race Vintage 200K (skating race) Örebro, Sweden.
The race is a celebration to the 1963 edition of the dutch 200km “Elfstedentocht” (eleven cities tour). We race in similair racing clothes to 1963 and newer racing clapskates aren’t allowed.